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Bart Michielsen

"He tries to record the pure essence: the experience, the things hidden behind the façade. The result is sometimes surprising, since making portraits involves posing.
His series of objects is recorded in essence: without distracting elements, in solitude… In the 'Mulieri' series and the 'Under pressure' series he also penetrates the pure emotions: femininity, fear…
His photographs of the Zuidelijk Toneel theatre company and Eric Raeves connect with the theatre, they become the theatre, and finally they penetrate the essence of theatre."

Els Stubbe

“ With his often eroticising photographs in which he gives free scope to his associations based on a humanistic vision, Bart Michielsen expresses his own world. His series of photographs is built up like a dream, where black and white shades, nuances of colours, and compositional forms naturally go together and where one image spontaneously evokes another.”
Johan Swinnen
“ Actually, Michielsen is spectator and participant at the same time. In the patchwork of  faces his self-portrait suddenly appears. He compares his own experience with that of others and confidently believes that a dialogue with a multiplicity of personalities will lead to creativity instead of dead uniformity: 'Hundred are better than one', as Warhol said before.”
Ann Woedstadt
“ It is Bart's intention to inject the fluid time of the theatre into the rigid time of photography. Perhaps in this fantasy Bart recognises that of his commissioner, albeit the other way around. Through his performances the director wishes to imprint images on the retina of the observer that do not evaporate with the ruthless passage of time which is so characteristic of the theatre.”
Koen Tachelet

Koppen (1)


Koppen (2)


Koppen (3)


Zuidelijk Toneel

eric raeves

Eric Raeves

objecten in zwart en wit

Objecten in zwart en wit










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