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How to combine music and wine?

VINO AND VINYL began as an idea to combine both of our passions, wine and music, that we like to enjoy at our home in Brussels or during our trips.

Have you ever had an incredible experience of wine during your holidays? And so you decided to buy some bottles to bring home? And then back home it never tastes the same?

We believe that wine tastes better in a certain ambiance. You are usually much more relaxed on holidays and enjoying all the free time. For us, this atmosphere can be created with the right music. We recommend to listen to the albums on vinyl, but we have also added some digital links to our suggestions. Cheers and enjoy!

Inès and Sam

Choose your wine

Château Montdomaine - Vouvray

A Loire chenin blanc, very light in colour. The aromas of apple and pear can also be tasted when you drink it. Very dry and mineral, its great acidity gives it a kick and freshness.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge and pop music.
Suggestion: A Forest Mighty Black - Mellowdramatic: YouTube - Spotify

Göbel Schleyer Erben - Valwiger Herrenberg

The region of Mosel in Germany surprised me with their refreshing white wines and sparkling wines. This Riesling smelled of white fruits like peach and lemon. The mineral and citrusy taste gave it a great freshness. Aperitif, with vegetarian pasta, or even with chicken.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge and pop music.
Suggestion: Röyksoppp - Melody A.M.: YouTube - Spotify

Gian Piero Marrone - White Tartufo

A white wine from the Piemonte region that I know less. And here I don’t even know the grape varieties. The melon and pineapple aromas are very nice. It is a fresh and easy wine, and the consistency is quite surprising for a white wine. Very nice for aperitif.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge and pop music.
Suggestion: Mr. Scruff - Trouser Jazz: YouTube - Spotify

Tapada do Barro - Colheita Branco

Portugal is yet another fantastic wine country. This white wine is made of a blend of several white local varieties. Light yellow colour with green highlights, it is a simple and easy going white wine, perfect for the aperitif.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge and pop music.
Suggestion: Smoove & Turrell - Eccentric Audio: YouTube - Spotify

Beaulieu Frères - Pouilly Fumé

Another Loire appellation with Sauvignon Blanc, I guess my favorite variety. The smell of grapefruit, lemon and melon is accompanied with that caracteristique fumé aroma. The taste is intense, dry, mineral and full-bodied. Great with any seafood, a vegetarian meal or even pork.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge, world and pop music.
Suggestion: Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy: YouTube - Spotify

Grgic - Pošip

Tried it during a trip in Croatia and could not resist ordering some for back home to have some holiday feeling later on. Pošip is a very nice white grape variety and this particular one is of very high quality. Some consider it the best Croatian white wine. Lemon and melon in the smell, it is a greatly balanced wine with freshness, minerality and alcohol with a long finish. Absolutely awesome with grilled fish.
Combine with downtempo jazz, lounge, world and pop music.
Suggestion: Alani - You & I: Spotify - Deezer

Garnier & Fils - Petit Chablis - Chardonnay

Bourgogne white wines are worth the investment from time to time, especially this Petit Chablis, probably as good as wine costing double. It’s beautiful golden colour invites you to smell the citrus and spring flower complex aromas. Its fresh taste, minerality and full-body will be great for an aperitif or seafood.
Combine with dub, reggae and world music.
Suggestion: Fatoumata Diawara - Fatou: Spotify - Deezer

Les Moyens du Bord - Chenin Blanc

A typical variety for the Loire region, this is another natural wine. Light straw yellow, it smells of apples and pears at the first nose. And then I smell some exotic and citrusy fruit. The taste is very fresh and mineral but still full-bodied and intense. Very easy to drink, next time I will take the Magnum size and will accompany it with a nice salmon or chicken in a mushroom sauce.
Combine with dub, reggae and world music.
Suggestion: Ayo - Joyful: Spotify - Deezer

Katarzyna - Le Magnifique - Chardonnay

One of the best Chardonnay’s of Bulgaria, we forgot about it in our basement and had it when it was seven years of age. And still you could see, smell and taste it was an exceptional wine. The colour became darker yellow but still completely transparent. The aromas aged and intensified. No more fresh fruits but fruit jam, nuts and butter smells. With age, it lost some of its freshness, but was still full-bodied, round and intense. When older, to have by the glass for the special taste.
Combine with gipsy jazz, balkan, reggae and world music.
Suggestion: Gwen Cahue - Memories of Paris: YouTube - Spotify

Cantina Mesa - Giunco Piccolo - Vermentino

Vermentino di Sardegna! Another holiday feeling from a glass of wine. A straw yellow white wine with peach, pear and floral aromas.This dry and full-bodied sardinian wine goes with fish or nice veggies.
Combine with gipsy jazz, tango and world music.
Suggestion: Titi Robin - Gitans: Deezer - Spotify

Vallée des Rois - Cheverny

I have a thing for Loire white wines. They are dry and fresh but also fruity. This Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc blend is of light yellow, with a hint of green, colour. The smell perfectly combines the specificities of both grapes, the citrus fruits of the Chardonnay and the exotic fruits of the Sauvignon blanc. Dry, fresh and fruity taste. Great for an aperitive, with oysters, or a salad.
Combine with uptempo jazz, tango, soul and funk music.
Suggestion: Tito Puente - Dance Mania: Deezer - Spotify

Mastroberardino - Greco di Tufo

This typical grape from Southern Italy makes fantastic dry white wines. Pale straw-coloured, the first nose is intense and complex. Citrus fruits, peach and pineapple could be identified and the taste is fresh, mineral and elegant. To combine with any food containing fish or seafood.
Combine with afro-latin jazz, tango and funky music.
Suggestion: Quantic & his Combo Cabraro - Tradition in Transition: Deezer - Spotify

Mastroberardino - Falanghina del Sannio

Another grape specific to Southern Italy. Pale lemon green, the aromas of citrus fruits and white fruits will make you travel to the South and want to have pasta alle vongole!
Combine with afro-latin jazz, tango, bossa nova, world music.
Suggestion: The Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun: Bandcamp - Deezer

Lunaria - LaBelle - Malvasia

Straw yellow coloured biodynamic white wine. The first aroma is of tropical fruits and flowers. Fresh, full-bodied with a hint of a bitter finish, goes well with seafood and vegetarian pasta dishes.
Combine with afro-latin jazz, tango, funk and soul music.
Suggestion: Melingo - Maldito Tango: Spotify - Deezer

Lluerna - Els Vinyerons

Straw-coloured with quite a consistency, this organic wine without added sulfites smells of white fruits, more specifically pears, and white flours. This intense and complex smell makes you want to immediately have a sip to discover a surprising freshness and crispness that can be enjoyed for the apéritif.
Combine with downtempo jazz, triphop and soul music.
Suggestion: Andreya Triyana - Lost Where I Belong: YouTube - Spotify


White wines from the Bourgogne region have a certain elegance. If I want to have a Chardonnay, I would go for one from this region. Their specificities are the light translucent colour, intense peach aroma and dry mineral taste. Oysters would be my preferred choice, but goes great with a mushroom dish like a truffle and mushroom risotto.
Combine with uptempo jazz, reggae, dub and soul music.
Suggestion: Fat Freddy's Drop - Based on a True Story: YouTube - Spotify

Cabeça Do Pote

We usually enjoy the freshness of Portuguese white wines, especially the ones from the North. This dry, balanced and very fresh white wine is perfect for any type of seafood and to make you feel on holidays with its smell of exotic fruits and flowers.
Combine with uptempo jazz, tango, fado, bossa nova.
Suggestion: Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy on the French Riviera: Youtube - Spotify

Santa Sarah - Chardonnay

Santa Sarah is one of my top three wineries in Bulgaria. Their Chardonnay or Sauvignon pure wines are focused on the typicity of the grape. In this case the Chardonnay smell of peaches and abricots. And given the full bodied taste, this wine can accompany a fish with a stronger taste, like tuna for example, or a veggie asia-style lentils meal.
Combine with jazz, lounge, soul and funk music.
Suggestion: Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming: Youtube - Spotify


During the Covid19 lockdown, we discovered the Domaine de Montine wines and they are all fantastic. Gourmandises is a blend of 6 white varieties of grapes. Its aroma of exotic fruits and abricots together with long-lasting freshness made me travel. This wine goes with everything, aperitif, seafood but also cheese.
Combine with uptempo jazz, tango, soul and funk music.
Suggestion: Gotan Project - Lunatico: Youtube - Spotify

Sabine Godmé - Blanc de Noirs

This Blanc de Noirs based 100 % on Pinot Noir has a light gold colour and very nicely looking bubbles. The nose has some intensity and complexity in the aroma. First almonds and then some buttery baking smells, the taste is very balanced and refreshing. Great for aperitives with some snacks like cheese or even ham. Or also with a salmon dish.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge, funky and dance music.
Suggestion: Various (compilation) - Funk Spectrum : YouTube (1) - Youtube (2)

Chant d'Eole - Brut

When I read that these Belgian bubbles won the prize of the best bubbles in the world, I had to find it to try it myself. Of a light straw yellow, the first aroma is of apples or pears, followed by a buttery note. It is very fresh but also full-bodied and has a familiar Champagne like taste even if it is a blanc de blanc. Perfect with oysters, seafood or salmon. Or just to enjoy some great bubbles like that.
Combine with uptempo jazz, lounge, funky and dance music.
Suggestion: Mo' Horizons - Remember Tomorrow: Youtube - Spotify

Côtes de Provence

Light coloured rosé with intense strawberry aroma and a hint of citrus fruit. As always with rosés, better drink it very fresh to enjoy its acidity. Perfect barbecue aperitive wine.
Combine with uptempo jazz, reggae, lounge, world and dance music.
Suggestion: Zero7 - Simple Things: Youtube - Spotify

Bandol - La Baie Des Pointus

Bandol appellation has some refreshing rosés. This light coloured orange pink rosé, with a fruity strawberry nose, tastes very fresh and is great for a hot summer evening! For me, rosé goes always with barbecue sausages or a simple salmon salad.
Combine with afro-latin jazz, reggae, lounge, world and dance music.
Suggestion: Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Steps Ahead: Bandcamp - Spotify

Uniquato - Rubin

Rubin is a hybrid between the grape varieties Syrah and Nebbiolo so I can only recommend it. Ruby coloured wine, its aromas of red fruits and flowers are very elegant. Silky tannins and smooth long finish. Great Bulgarian wine to have with barbecued meat or on its own.
Combine with jazzy, soulful and world music.
Suggestion: Terrakota - World Massala: YouTube - Spotify

Santoro - Sangiovese - Terre di Chieti

Full of cherry and plum flavours. Delicious with pasta but would easily drink it on its own.
Combine with jazzy, gypsy and world music.
Suggestion: Sezen Aksu - Dügün ve Cenaze: YouTube - Spotify

Donnafugata - Sul Vulcano - Nerello Mascalese

Sicilian Etna wines are known for their minerality and this is why I picked this one with a less known Sicilian grape. The nose is very complex and develops several aromas like strawberry, cherry, vanilla, oak and a hint of leather. I will again recommend this nice Sicilian wine with good cheese and charcuterie.
Combine with jazzy, soulful and world music.
Suggestion: Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder: YouTube - Spotify

Stécia - Crès Ricards

Yet another lockdown discovery from the Languedoc region, a blend of Syrah and Grenache. With a nice garnet colour, the first nose is complex, blueberry, oak, vanilla and liquorice. The taste is full-bodied, well-balanced and smooth. A wonderful red wine, to have with pasta.
Combine with bluesy, singer-songwriter and world music.
Suggestion: Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things: YouTube - Spotify

Vaccaro - Sofé - Nero d’Avola

This Italian Nero d’Avola smelled of black cherry, black berry and chocolat. Great with beef and pasta.
Combine with jazzy, gypsy and world music.
Suggestion: Hindi Zahra - Handmade: YouTube - Spotify

Finca Sobreno - Tempranillo

A typical 100% Tempranillo develops dark plum, blackberry and black currant aromas with some balsamic notes. Velvety mouthfeel and pleasant vanilla notes will accompany nicely cheese and charcuterie.
Combine with lounge, pop, and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Donavon Frankenreiter - Start Livin': YouTube - Spotify

Lunaria - Ruminat Primitivo

This organic dark red primitivo is fruity on the nose and on the palate with a hint of vanilla smell. Very nice with beef, pasta and veal. Gets smoother as you drink it.
Combine with lounge, pop, and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Daughter - If You Leave: YouTube - Spotify

LEVA - Pinot Noir

A Bulgarian Pinot Noir that surprised me nicely. Light coloured, better served a little bit fresh. Very fruity on the nose and palate, raspberry, strawberry and cherry. It is a good match with barbecue with fatty fish or chicken.
Combine with uptempo jazz, soul and blues music.
Suggestion: Curtis Harding - Soul Power: YouTube - Spotify

REDARK - Ruen Rubin Cabernet Sauvignon

This deep purple red wine is my favorite Bulgarian red wine. The intense complex aroma of black berries and dark chocolate tastes also fantastic when you drink it. Full-bodied, it is perfectly balanced with silky tannins. Great with a nice piece of red meat.
Combine with downtempo jazz, piano and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Calexico - Garden Ruin: Spotify - Deezer

Patria - Alentejo DOC

Alentejo is one of Portugal’s wine regions that has very easy going red wines. The first chocolaty and woody aromas will hide the discret fruity smells. In taste, this wine has a good balance of alcohol, acidity and tannins. Great with meaty pasta meals.
Combine with downtempo jazz, piano and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever: YouTube - Spotify

Mediterano - Plavac Mali

Plavac Mali is a red grape variety from Croatia. They are usually very good red wines and remind me of Italian Primitivo. Goes well with meat-based pasta dishes but also cured hams and cheeses.
Combine with downtempo jazz, piano and Bossa Nova music.
Suggestion: Bebel Gilberto - Bebel Gilberto: YouTube - Spotify

Little Garance

A discovery from Covid-19 lockdown times. This natural red wine is a blend of 90 % Syrah and 10 % Grenache. Dark fruity aromas with a hint of spices, medium-bodied and a round taste. An easy to drink red fruity wine without any tannic finish. Possible to have with some red meat in a sauce, like a lasagna or a moussaka.
Combine with downtempo jazz, piano and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Band of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman: Spotify - Deezer

Katarzyna - Le Voyage

Bulgarian wines have evolved a lot in the last 10 years. If you find a recent vintage, I would recommend keeping it away for a couple of years. A Cabernet Franc and Syrah blend with an intense ruby colour. Woody and black fruit aromas with a hint of pepper coming from the Cabernet Franc. Great with beef, obviously!
Combine with downtempo jazz, piano and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Chilli Gonzales - Solo Piano: Youtube - Spotify

Excellence - Gigondas

If you can get your hands on this 2016 Excellence Gigondas from the domaine du Grapillon d’or, I will definitely be jealous. This dark red blend of Syrah and Grenache develops great aromas of spices, wood and black fruits. Full-bodied, silky tannins with a long finish. Great red wine to have with some high quality red meat.
Combine with downtempo jazz, lounge and singer-songwriter music.
Suggestion: Kris Dane - U.N.S.U.I.: Youtube - Spotify

Bezek - Plavac Mali

We brought this dry red wine from one of our trips to the region of Pelješac in Croatia. Plavac Mali is a typical variety from that region. Intense, full bodied, with a strong smell of dark berries, spices and a hint of chocolate. Preferably to have with some cheese and cured meats.
Combine with downtempo jazz, gipsy, blues and soul music.
Suggestion: Django Reinhardt - Django's blues: Youtube - Spotify


Red wine from the beaujolais region and contrary to what all people think, not all wines from there are cheap and bad. Rubis coloured with strong ripe fruit smell like prunes and generally red fruits. It is a great example of a lighter red wine of the Gamay grapes. To drink as an aperitif wine or to combine with a young and light cheese and some olives.
Combine with latin jazz, reggae, bossa nova and world music.
Suggestion: Zoot Sims - New Beat Bossa Nova: Youtube - Deezer

Clos du Paternel

Of a red rubis colour, with quite a consistency, this wine smells of very ripe black fruits. It has a pleasantly intense and complex smell followed by a dry, quite warm and full-bodied taste. There are enough tannins to enhance the taste and allow you to keep the wine for a couple of years. The mix of grapes (Syrah, ...) makes it perfect for antipasti/tapas, some dishes with cheese.
Combine with latin jazz, bossa nova, blues, soul music.
Suggestion: Stan Getz and João Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto: Youtube

Comtesse De By

From time to time, we like to indulge in Bordeaux wine. Especially when we are having beef for dinner. The beautiful garnet red colour announces a wine that ages a bit. Blackberries and blackcurrant are the main fruits, the taste is dry and fresh with a good level of tannins.
Combine with downtempo jazz and blues music.
Suggestion: Billie Holiday - Velvet Mood: Youtube - Deezer

Coste Di Moro

This Montepulciano comes from an organic winery with a great choice of different white and red wines. Ruby red, red fruit and jam aroma with a balanced ending. Great wine to combine with cured meats or pasta dishes containing meat with a generous sauce.
Combine with swing jazz, gipsy jazz, singer-songwriter and blues music.
Suggestion: Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book: Youtube - Spotify

Inès has been intrigued by wine very young, fascinated by adults drinking it and wondering how this smell was tasting. Because yes, she was always allowed to smell and tried already to guess the fruits that she could detect when she was twelve. After years of studying in different countries, all wine countries, she settled in Brussels where finally she has followed with great interest several wine tasting courses to acquire the more official knowledge of tasting.

Inès Lili


Sam was nine years old in 1985, when the Live Aid benefit concert was about to be broadcasted. He loved music so much that he had to absolutely watch the whole show and managed to convince his parents to stay up much later than a boy his age should. He started with the violin, but became a guitar player and later added harmonica, piano and some percussion instruments. As an adult, he attended and photographed an uncountable number of music concerts and festivals, played in several bands and deejayed in bars and parties.

Sam Geuens


You can contact us via email at info@vinoandvinyl.be.